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Tried and Tested

The IMSL libraries have been trusted for decades for accurate and reliable numerical functions.

High ROI

Save significant time and money compared to developing and maintaining algorithms in house.

Easy to Integrate

With libraries in C, Java, Python, and Fortran, IMSL is easy to integrate into your analytic application.

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IMSL Student Licenses

If you’re currently a student or instructor, IMSL offers free single seat and multi-seat licenses for classroom use. You can request a student license for the IMSL C, Fortran, Java, and Python libraries here.

Available IMSL Libraries

IMSL C Library

Create cutting-edge and dependable data analysis and projection applications in C and C++ with the IMSL C Library. Request an IMSL C trial today by selecting it on the form above.

IMSL Java Library

Quickly create advanced functionality and gain valuable insights for analytic applications in Java with the IMSL Java Library. Request an IMSL Java trial today by filling out the form above.

IMSL Fortran Library

Tested and trusted for over 40 years, the IMSL Fortran Library helps deliver cutting-edge functionality for data driven applications. Request an IMSL Fortran trial via the form above.

IMSL Python Library

Get advanced mathematical and statistical analysis and efficiently parse large data sets with the IMSL Python Library. Request an IMSL Python trial today on the form above.

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