Save Time and Money With the IMSL Java Library

Save up to 95% of time spent on source code development, and thousands of dollars in design, development, documentation, testing, and maintenance costs with the IMSL Java Library.


Trusted and proven for decades across all industry verticals.

High Performance

Fast, scalable framework for high-performance analytical applications.


Largest analytic and numerical library on the market — all in 100% Java.

Proven Mathematical and Statistical Algorithms for Java Applications and Databases

The IMSL Java Library provides a proven set of Java algorithms for applications, databases, and business intelligence solutions spanning all industries.

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IMSL Java for Statistics

With statistical functions ranging from random number generation to multivariate analysis, developers can quickly create robust and accurate analytic tools.

Summary StatisticsTime SeriesNonparametric TestsAnalysis of Variance
Generalized Linear ModelsGoodness of FitDistribution FunctionsRandom Number Generation
ForecastingHypothesis TestingDesign of ExperimentsStatistical Process Control
Multivariate AnalysisCorrelations and CovarianceWilcoxon Rank SumMaximum Likelihood Estimation

IMSL Java for Mathematics

Accelerate mathematical application development and time to market with the dependable and comprehensive IMSL Java Library.

OptimizationMatrix OperationsLinear AlgebraEigensystem Analysis
InterpolationIntegrationApproximationDifferential Equations
PDEsFeynman-Kac SolverTransformsNonlinear Equations
Linear and Nonlinear ProgrammingSpecial Functions

IMSL Java for Data Mining and Forecasting

The IMSL Java Numerical Library provides the most advanced data mining and forecasting algorithms, all in 100% Java.

Decision TreesNeural NetworksRegressionAutomatic ARIMA
Vector Auto-RegressionARCHApriori AnalysisGARCH
Cluster AnalysisGenetic AlgorithmsKohonen Self Organizing MapsNaïve Bayes
Support Vector MachinePrincipal Components AnalysisDiscriminant AnalysisFactor Analysis

Advanced Neural Network Forecasting

Our neural network forecasting classes offer the ability to build smarter predictive models. Using a combination of historical and current data, developers can build more dependable predictive models and use them in countless applications, like bioinformatics, fraud detection, risk management, yield analysis, and more.

Key Features of the IMSL Java Library

Easily embeddable, high-performance, and dependable, the IMSL Java Library gives developers a high-ROI solution for developing advanced analytic tools in Java.

Highly Supported, Easily Embeddable

The IMSL Java Library includes support for common platform combinations, and embeds into databases, applications, and business insight solutions without added infrastructure.

Intuitive and Consistent Programming

The IMSL Java Library makes programming an intuitive process by using descriptive and explanatory function names. That means more time spent developing and less time spent digging through code.

Optimized for Multi-Thread Processes

The IMSL Java Library is optimized for multi-thread processes and can easily integrate into web and database servers. Take full advantage of multicore and many-core hardware with the IMSL Java Library.

Save Time and Money in Development

Developing algorithm-rich software and applications from scratch can be costly. With the IMSL Java Library, development teams can save up to 95% of the time associated with source code development, including design, development, documentation, testing, and ongoing maintenance costs.

Clear and Informative Diagnostics

The IMSL Java Library provides clear and informative diagnostic error messaging for more efficient debugging and better developer productivity. Ensure your algorithms are working correctly with easy to use diagnostic messaging.

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