IMSL Numerical Libraries

Why Choose IMSL Numerical Libraries?

IMSL Numerical Libraries enable advanced mathematical and statistical analysis — without the cost of building and maintaining the underlying technology.

Process & Clean Data

Filter Noise, Detect Outliers, Estimate Missing Values

Explore & Visualize Data

Tabulate, Cross-tabulate, Correlate, Chart, Summarize

Data Mine

Clustering, Pattern Recognition

Build Models

Regression, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Time Series

Generate Results & Optimize

Prediction, Optimization, Classifications

Validate Results

Test & Control, Before & After, Calculate Business Metrics

IMSL Libraries for C, Fortran, Java, and Python

Save development time with optimized, embeddable IMSL computational algorithms for C, Java, Fortran, and Python applications and databases.

IMSL C Library

The IMSL library for C provides advanced analytic functions for C/C++ applications.

IMSL Java Library

The IMSL library for Java provides advanced analytics and numerical software solutions in Java.

IMSL Fortran Library

The IMSL library for Fortran provides embeddable numerical analysis functions for Fortran applications.

IMSL Python Library

The IMSL library for Python provides advanced data analysis functions for Python applications.

Achieve Your Strategic Objectives With IMSL Numerical Libraries

Enhance Performance & Save Development Time With IMSL Numerical Libraries

IMSL Numerical Libraries can enhance application performance, reliability, portability, scalability, and maintainability while saving development time and cost.

Developing numerical analysis algorithms in-house can be costly. With a single algorithm taking 8 weeks of direct development time, and indirect development time for maintenance, porting, testing, and documentation totaling 16 weeks of work, the time associated with embedding a single, in-house numerical analysis algorithm can total 24 weeks.

IMSL Numerical Libraries can be called, embedded, and tested in five days — an effective 95% reduction in time and cost.

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