Why Choose the IMSL Fortran Library?

Save up to 95% of time spent on source code development with the IMSL Fortran Library — the most-trusted mathematical and statistical library in high-performance computing.

Proven and Robust

Over 1000 fully-supported algorithms — thoroughly-tested over 50 years.

Optimized for High Performance

Built for high-performance computing and parallel processing.

Embeddable and Easy to Use

Easily embeddable and compatible with Linux, Unix and Windows.

IMSL Fortran Libraries: The Gold Standard for High-Performance Computing

IMSL Fortran Numerical Library is the most comprehensive mathematics and statistics library available. Highly robust and reliable, it contains proven technology that has been thoroughly tested, and trusted by developers around the world for 50 years and counting.

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IMSL Fortran for Mathematics

IMSL Fortran math functions and algorithms give developers a dependable and easily integrable solution for complex mathematical applications.

OptimizationDifferential EquationsMatrix OperationsPDEs
Linear AlgebraFeynman-Kac SolverEigensystem AnalysisTransforms
InterpolationNonlinear EquationsIntegrationLinear and Nonlinear Programming
ApproximationSpecial Functions

IMSL Fortran for Statistics

From Fortran random number generation to multidimensional scaling, the IMSL Fortran Library provides a comprehensive set of statistical models and functions that developers can count on.

Time Series and ForecastingNonparametric TestsAnalysis of VarianceGeneralized Linear Models
Goodness of FitDistribution FunctionsRandom Number GenerationHypothesis Testing
Design of ExperimentsStatistical Process ControlMultivariate AnalysisCorrelations and Covariance
Multidimensional ScalingSummary Statistics

Increase Performance With Parallel Programming

See how IMSL Fortran can help.

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IMSL Fortran Library Features

With fully-tested and reliable algorithms for distributed systems and parallel processing, the IMSL Fortran Library is the best, high-performance numerical Fortran library available.

MPI Enabled for Distributed Systems

IMSL Fortran Library provides a dynamic interface for computing mathematical solutions over a distributed system via message passing interface (MPI). These MPI-enabled routines offer a simple, reliable user interface for high-performance computing (HPC).

SMP/OpenMP Support

The IMSL Fortran Library offers expanded SMP support for a number of parallel processing environments. Computationally intensive algorithms in the areas of linear systems and matrix manipulation, eigensystem analysis, and fast Fourier transforms (FFTs) leverage SMP capabilities on a variety of systems.

Optimized for Parallel Processing

The IMSL Fortran Library gives users easy access to MPI-enabled algorithms and allows users to write parallel code without needing to be experts in parallel programming.

Fully Tested and Reliable

With our robust and sophisticated suite of test methods, and constant performance assessment across the latest compilers and environments, the IMSL Fortran Library is extremely reliable for numerical analysis functionality.

Save Money, Don’t Recreate the Wheel

Developing dependable algorithm-rich software is expensive – and that’s not mentioning the costs associated with documentation, testing, and ongoing maintenance. Save costly development time and gain access to 1000+ fully-tested algorithms with the IMSL Fortran Library.

Easy-to-Parse Diagnostic Error Messaging

High performance computing can mean compounded debugging efforts. The IMSL Fortran library keeps developers productive with clear and informative diagnostic error messaging.

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