Get a Free IMSL Student License

IMSL supports educational and research programs around the world by providing free IMSL student licenses.

IMSL believes in supporting interactive and hands-on learning for students pursuing data analysis careers.

If you’re an undergraduate student at the college or university level, fill out the form to request an IMSL academic license today.

Get a Free IMSL Teacher License

If you’re a teacher or professor at the college or university level, IMSL offers free licenses for classroom use.

Request a free IMSL educator license by filling out the form on this page.

Get Access to all IMSL Has to Offer

With an IMSL academic license, students and teachers get access to the full IMSL library of choice, either C, Java, Fortran, or Python.

Want to Use IMSL on a Commercial Project?

You can request an IMSL trial for your project today by visiting the IMSL trial page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there usage restrictions for IMSL academic licenses?

IMSL academic licenses are intended for classroom use only. Use on commercial projects, paid research, or internal or externally distributed applications is prohibited.

I Just graduated, do I still qualify for a free IMSL license?

Free IMSL student licenses are only available to full-time undergraduate students currently enrolled at the college or university level.

What kind of support to I get with an IMSL student license?

Customer support for the student edition is provided under no obligation via the online ticketing system in the Perforce Customer Support Portal only. The student edition is not eligible for phone support.